Hair Removal FAQs

How long does my hair need to be before I can get waxed?

Generally, we need your hair to be at least ¼ of an inch to successfully wax. This typically is 14 days of growth.

If I wax will the hair grow back?

Yes, waxing only eliminates the hair temporarily; however, over time you will notice that the hair that does return is thinner and finer.

How long does my hair need to be before I can get waxed?

Generally we need your hair to be at least 1/4 of an inch to successfully wax. This typically is 14 days of growth. ​

How long will a waxing last?

In most cases, a waxing will last between 4 and 6 weeks. If you wax in a scheduled manner, you will notice a significant decrease in hair growth and thickness.

Every time I wax I get really bad ingrown hairs. Is there anything I can do about that?


Yes, there is. First, we recommend that three days after you receive your waxing you exfoliate the area with a washcloth, loofah or brush on daily basis. This helps to remove dry skin that can block pores and lead to ingrown hairs. Secondly, we do offer two topical products than can reduce or eliminate ingrown hair by shrinking the pore and forcing the hair to grow upward. Please ask your esthetician about Tend-Skin or PFB when you receive your waxing service.

Is there anything I should avoid or know before I wax?

There are several things you should know before you wax. First, if you have recently applied a sunless tanning product, waxing can pull skin and cause the tanning solution to be removed, so tell your esthetician that you need to wax before you tan. Second, please do not tan either in the sun or in a tanning booth 24 hours prior to waxing. Third, Accutane, Coumadin or other blood thinners, Alpha-hydroxy acids, Retin-A, glycolic acids, hydroquinone, topical cortisone, and some antidepressants can aggravate waxing. Also it is not recommended that you wax after receiving microdermabrasion, laser resurfacing, a peel, or surgical removal of any growth in the area to be waxed. Please call us for a consultation prior to scheduling your waxing session if you are using any of these products or have recently received any of the above-mentioned procedures.

Also, your skin should be free of oils and moisturizers. This maintains a sanitary environment. Please avoid the gym or increased body temperature before your waxing to allow for a good waxing experience.

Is there anything I should do or avoid after I wax?

Yes. Please do not work-out immediately following waxing as perspiration can cause rashes, irritation, redness and breakouts. Avoid exposure to the sun and tanning booths for 24 hours following a wax. Do not take a hot shower or use a hot tub for at least four hours following waxing.

Is Waxing Painful?

We’re not going to tell you that it’s the most pleasant service we offer, but it usually isn’t as bad as it sounds. We have found that two things determine a less painful experience from a more painful one; product and proper technique. First, for small and sensitive areas we use a strip-less polymer wax that attaches to the hair and not the skin. This type of wax comes in two types, one for normal skin and one designed for more sensitive skin. For larger areas such as legs and backs, we use a strip wax, but again, a wax that is formulated to be less “sticky” to the skin. Secondly, we provide advanced wax training for all of our estheticians in proper techniques such as how to pull the wax off properly, how much pressure to apply, how to observe the direction of the hair growth and sectioning the waxing into smaller areas, which reduces the potential for pain, bruising and bleeding. To reduce discomfort if you are extra sensitive or scared, we do offer a product called Relax and Wax that can be purchased at the shop and you will need to apply it 20 minutes before your wax (so show up early). Please let your esthetician know if you have applied this product.