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Intentional Self Care

When looking to better your self care routine keep in mind any activity you do with the intention of improving your mental, emotional and physical health. These activities should allow you to relax and recharge, rather than drain your energy.

Here are 5 ideas to

get you going with self-care. remember, everyone has different needs! Self-care should feel forced or stressful. If you’re not feeling refueled by your activity, you can always try doing something else that works better for you.

Mindfulness meditation

Mindfulness meditation is a relaxation technique that helps us to focus on the present, be aware of our thoughts and let them go. This requires you to be fully present in the moment and non-judgmental of yourself, even if you lose focus. There are a lot of apps that provide guided meditations for beginners if you’re just getting started.


Putting your thoughts down on paper is beneficial in a number of ways. It can boost your IQ, help process difficult emotions and events, increase your confidence, spark creativity, and much more! Writing down things you’re grateful for, what makes you happy, affirmations and goals are just a few great topics to include in your daily journal.

Go for a walk

Exercise is a great way to promote balance between your mind, body and spirit. It’s important to find an exercise you like. Simply going for a walk can boost your mood, help you relax, and is an easy way to make sure you’re staying active.

Unplug from technology

Sometimes it can be hard to process all of the information we’re exposed to on a daily via social media, and tv and our laptops. Try turning off all of your devices for a few minutes a day to just focus on being in the present. You can even try some of these other self-care activities while you unplug!

Clean and reorganize a room

Have you ever felt anxious or stressed when clutter begins to build up in your home? It’s not surprising that having the world around us in order brings peace of mind. You don’t have to scrub every corner of your house, but set aside time to tackle some organization tasks you’ve been meaning to get around to. It’s likely you’ll feel relieved when you finish!

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