Quiz: What Skin Type Are You?

It is important to understand your Skin Type so you can take of it. So let's see if you have NORMAL, OILY, DRY or COMBINATION skin?


1. When you blot your face with a tissue do you find...

a. Just a little oil here and there?

b. Oil all over?

c. No oil at all?

d. Only oil in my t-zone (forehead, nose and chin)?

2. How often do you break out?

a. Not very often or ever.

b. I have frequent break outs.

c. I never break out.

d. Often on my forehead, nose and chin.

3. After you wash your face where does it feel the driest?

a. My skin really isn't that dry except for in the winter.

b. Dry? Ha! Never a dry moment!

c. My face is constantly dry all over.

d. My cheeks tend to feel dry a lot of the time but my forehead, chin and nose do not.

4. When you look at your face after you have washed it, is it shiny?

a. No not really, just a healthy glow all over.

b. My face is shiny everywhere.