Why we LOVE Lira Products

The Story Behind Lira

Lira Clinical was created by four passionate skincare professionals and educators who wanted to take today’s skincare to the next level.  All with specialized backgrounds in the aesthetic industry they brought together their knowledge and skills to develop a skincare think tank. Through this think tank they created a line with three goals in mind: Brighter, healthier, younger looking skin. They accomplished these components by incorporating formulations that combined science and nature to fulfill their core philosophies.

Lira Clinical is Brightening: Almost every product contains lightening agents and brightening botanicals to even skin tone. Lira Clinical is Healing: Skin health is restored with powerful anti-inflammatory agents, anti-oxidants and minerals. Lira Clinical is Anti-aging: Younger looking skin is revealed with powerful peptides, plant stem cells and precise peel technology.

The first step in the Lira Clinical journey began with a range of advanced peels in 2010. In 2011 the PRO and BIO retail lines were introduced complementing the professional treatments. The full retail product range was debuted in 2013 including PRO, BIO, MYSTIQ, and ICE lines receiving rave reviews and amazing results. After a blockbuster year the BB and SPF lines were created in 2014. 

2015 was an impressive, award-winning year with record growth and a strong international presence. The ladies of Lira Clinical have a lot more in store come 2016-2017 as they continue their mission to redefine aesthetics with award-winning products, advanced education and innovative skincare philosophies.

A Beautiful Skincare Partnership

Lira Clinical is developed exclusively for licensed professionals. We offer the next level of skin care with quality products and treatments that produce real results.

Our easy to navigate Guide and Protect System (GPS) allows skin care practitioners to easily create treatment paths guiding their clients to achieve skincare goals.

Pride in our Product

Our products are formulated by an international team of experienced aesthetic, medical and scientific professionals. We use cutting edge and quality ingredients to generate remarkable results. All Lira Clinical research and development, products, and packaging are proudly manufactured in the USA.  Lira Clinical also prides itself in being a cruelty-free company.

Superior Education

Lira's Guide and Protect System (GPS) was exclusively developed by Lira Clinical's education team offering a modern guide to skin classification and treatment. Lira Clinical offers advanced courses on all levels of the GPS system. We pride ourselves on our expert educators and advanced aesthetic courses. Many classes offer state CEU's for your required continuing education. Discover the GPS method.

Mission Statement

To produce quality skin care products by utilizing the latest technology, collective knowledge and superior formulations. Our vision is to globally redefine aesthetics by systematically simplifying skin care treatments achieving optimal results.

The Science Behind Lira

Ingredient Technology

Lira Clinical utilizes the highest quality and most technologically advanced ingredients to deliver superior skin care. We produce our products with exclusive formulas using topical probiotics, multiple plant stem cells, advanced peptides, exclusive botanicals and various skin nourishing vitamins and minerals.

Lira Clinical is "The Next Level of Skincare.”  Our FDA compliant labs create the latest in ingredient science offering you skincare correction, maintenance, and prevention. Our team of skincare and medical professionals along with expert chemists have developed our products with precision and pride.

The Power of Probiotics: Topical Technology Techniques

Lira Clinical has unleased the next skincare trend: topical probiotics.  The ultimate in balancing healthy skin, topical probiotics strengthen skin’s barrier function while promoting a healthy, active immune system.  Our skin is the body’s first line of defense from harmful free radical scavengers.  Powerful anti-inflammatory and wound healing abilities brings topical probiotics to the forefront of essential ingredients in clinical skincare.  As internal probiotics balance the good and bad bacteria in your gut, topical probiotics act to combat bad bacteria while retaining the good on your skin.  Benefits for brighter, healthier skin include:

Safeguards skin’s immune system responseAnti-bacterial properties for acne prone skinStrong anti-inflammatory restoring skin radianceDecreases skin sensitivityPromotes skin’s youthful appearance

 The Mystique of Mastiha

Known as the tear drop of a tree, the power of the ancient Mediterranean tree resin, Mastiha, has been harnessed by Lira Clinical. The ancient Mastiha tree is cultivated on the southern coast of Greece. The Mastiha resin has been used for centuries for many medicinal purposes and is still used in modern medicine for surgical and medical products.

MASQ-tech tm is an exclusive ingredient technology that utilizes the best combinations of refined Mastiha to maximize skin health and beauty benefits. MASQ-tech’s tm skin perfecting properties range from brightening and healing to anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.

Behold the beautiful benefits of MASQ-tech tm

- Evens skin tone and brightens - Strengthens the immune system - Antimicrobial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory - Reduces the appearance of pores - Increases skin rejuvenation and collagen composition  - Significantly reduces the irritation post procedure - Reduces the risk of pigmentation post procedure

Pioneering Plant Stem Cell Skincare 

Lira Clinical is at the forefront of this new technology. We have incorporated 11 different types of Plant Stem Cells (PSC) into our products. Each PSC serves a unique purpose. We pair these PSC's to maximize the effectiveness of our products. From brightening to reducing inflammation we have mastered PSC combinations.

Innovative Peptide Combinations

Neuro Blocker + Collagen Matrix Builder = Botox® like Results and Reorganizes Aging Dermal Cells. Every cell needs protein to maintain its life. Peptides are the building blocks of protein and are contained in every living thing. Lira Clinical uses multiple peptides for maximum anti-aging results.

Skin Healing Minerals for Faster Repair

Lira Clinical utilizes several minerals including colloidal silver, colloidal gold, copper, zinc and magnesium. Gold and silver are revitalizing minerals that contain anti-inflammatory properties, can reduce skin irritation and are great conductors for micro-current treatments. Copper is an excellent antioxidant that helps stimulates collagen synthesis. Discover the many products that contain these powerful minerals.

Vitamin C Skincare 

Renew the vitality of your complexion with vitamin C skincare. Vitamin C infused products help brighten skin, stimulates collagen and elastin and serves as a strong antioxidant. Lira Clinical uses 4 forms of vitamin C to maximize its powerful benefits.

Learn MORE about Lira products and see why we LOVE using them on our clients!

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